A Song for All the Lost Friends

When I first heard this track, I thought of people lost from my life. It is such a delightfully perfect grieving song. There’s something about it that evokes deep emotion. I love that it’s not just sad, but that it moves. It rises and falls. Because that’s what grief is; you remember the good, but you remember the sad as well. You feel what it feels to miss… because something is missing. This is beautiful and the piano is a star. - Ear to the Ground Music

Link to blog: https://bit.ly/2BhwWfY

The piano is really a magical instrument in the sense that the latter can create an entire melody without needing the help of other instruments. Here is a shouting example with this beautiful tune of Common Tiger that rocks you during the 3 minutes of the music.

Link to blog post: https://bit.ly/2rzTuEt

Boom Boom On The Roof, Boom Boom In Your Ears

BY Common Tiger

This record is inspired by a trip I took to New York City. The name for the record comes from a conversation I had with a woman on the subway. We were talking about living in the same apartment complex as musicians and she said: "They're too loud its Boom Boom on the Roof, Boom Boom in Your Ears!" This record aims to dive into and share the energy and joy of creative freedom.


Round & Round

Featured On Majestic Casual: youtu.be/TCj0yFOP4QY

This makes me wanna throw a party in 81's Bronx and I'm as white as toilet paper - Young Buffoon

This is so dope, makes me want to walk the streets of London late at night and just puff on a joint. - J. Reese

The Overlook (Common Tiger Remix)

What People Are Saying.

“Just take a look at that sounds like section, will you? Emancipator, Bonobo and Tycho are frickin' legends in the downtempo electronic game, so when I compare a song to them you bet your bottoms it's going to be pretty good.” - Indie Shuffle

“Common Tiger helps us rediscover something we thought we knew.” - The Burning Ear


I wrote Fly to encourage a sense of freedom in listeners. When I created Fly I was in the midst of somewhat of a writers block and life funk, we had just released The Shaded In Remix for filous & 165,000 plays on Spotify was (Is) a big deal for me. There was a part of me that rebelled against my day job roasting coffee. Thoughts like "I'm too good for this" etc plagued my mind. Then I had a realization, I thought "I'm not too good for this, whatever I do I just need to let it Fly". When I say Fly I mean make something beautiful and then let it go out into the world and hope that it can add something positive to other peoples lives. I have let go of the "Better than" thoughts and instead dedicated myself to making the best music I can while adding positive things to the lives of others through music.

Already Gone ft. Emily Warren (Common Tiger Remix)

What People Are Saying

“Those breathy, ethereal vocals are put against a powerfully percussive backdrop, interludes of guitar riffs and progressively intensifying synths “ - broadwayworld.com

“Common Tiger dazzles with ‘For Love’ Remix” - famemagazine.co.uk

“Common Tiger gives “Already Gone” an almost indie feel with this sublime addition. “ - ventsmagazine.com

filous - Shaded In feat Jordan Léser (Common Tiger Remix)

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2xJRA7E
Apple Music: apple.co/2bktzf0

My approach on the shaded in remix for filous was similar to the way an old hip-hop producer would approach the classic records he was sampling. I looked for the sounds and feelings that I felt were iconic about the track and tried to present them in a new and fresh way. The biggest challenge for me being a Down tempo producer and working with an EDM 128bpm track was getting things to gel at a slower speed. I ended up re recording the bass line, guitar and piano all with the original progression but @ a lesser bpm and more Downtempo vibe.

"Common Tiger provides a chill change of pace here, it’s audio therapy at its best." - Pop on and on